About Globriit


Business Statement

Globriit provides personalised business outsourcing to small and medium sized online enterprises. This can include such areas as systems administration consultancy, communications (newsletters, articles, social media, email campaigns traffic management campaigns and blog maintenance) SEO and ranking (social media tools, keyword analysis, domain and blog management) and general office administration (data entry, inventory management, stock control and returns).


Management at Globriit provides articulate and highly qualified staff, with an excellent command of native English and has outsourcing resources available for other needed areas. With 30 years of administration, staff management and policy development, Globriit can provide a complete tailored, customised service that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Publications and Printing

Globriit also develops and publishes colouring and puzzle books for all ages and journals of many types. These are available on Amazon both UK and US and a selection can be seen at amazon.com/author/meglearner.